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Voilà Hotel Bagatelle
17th - 18th November 2022

Today's leading businesses know that winning in the experience economy, understanding that their customers are the innovators of their business

and that customer-centricity are key success factors to provide

one brand experience across multiple touchpoints.

Customer Experience (CX) can no longer be on the bottom of the priority list

in the digital age. This course is designed to teach you how you can incorporate

leading customer experience practices from CX trends, starting a CX Program,

the tools, methods, techniques and strategies to set your business up to success.


Module 1: Experience Economy

Module 2: The trends and state of CX

Module 3: The art of creation starts with destruction

Module 4: The Customer Experience Economy

Module 5: Cracking the consumer behaviour code

Module 6: The CX abyss

Module 7: CX ecosystem

Module 8: Channel Integration

Module 9: Decoding the 5 touch points online and offline

Module 10: Winning & losing customer experience journeys

Module 11: Overview of a collection of data & the technology landscape

Module 12: The 8 pillars of the infinity CX Strategy Framework

Module 13: Innovation Interventions & Customer Observation

Module 14: Persona design

Module 15: Customer journey and empathy mapping

Module 16: Identifying friction points & the moments of truth

Module 17: Fundamentals of CX Innovation design

Module 18: 3 types of CX Team programs

Module 19: Case studies


By the end of the course, you will be able to develop a good understanding of fundamentals of CX and prioritise

the CX Strategy framework to develop and maintain a clear roadmap

to improve the overall brand experience across multiple touchpoints including how to identify customer signals and voice of the customers.


Structured to be highly interactive, practical & participatory,

packed with group exercises roundtable discussions, videos, case studies

& simplifies complex topics in a non-geeky way.



Marketing and Brand Teams, Leadership Development, Innovation Teams, Administrative Staff, Social Media Managers, Client Service Staff,

Client Service Leadership Teams, Communication Specialists, Digital Marketers,

C-Suites, Advertising Agencies, GMs, Head of Functions, Consultants,

Content Specialists, Online Marketers, CX and UX Teams, CRM and Loyalty Teams.


Carmen Murray is the CEO of


a leading Modern Marketing Services company

that applies robust approaches to help businesses become Future Fit™. She is the exclusive representative of The Connected Marketer™ in Africa.

Murray currently serves on the Professional Body of Digital Practitioners in South Africa.

In 2019 she was recognized by Meltwater

as one of the top women in tech, Africa.

Her unique spark and personality have made her

one of Africa’s most sought-after speakers.

She’s spoken at over 140 events in 20 countries.

Carmen is the 2019 IAB Bookmarks

Black Pixel Winner (Digital).



Rs 20,000 per participant.

Course is MQA approved and company sponsored participants

can get a refund up to 75% from HRDC.

Fees include lunch and tea breaks for both days.


Familiarise yourself with the Course in your own time, offline.

T: 465 02 88 / 5719 30 44
E: /

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