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Irma Karsten


Irma is a Digital Strategist
& Social Media Trainer .
She is a social media marketing specialist
and  has over 20 years
of work experience
behind her.

...a people’s person by nature, Irma is currently a digital strategist and social media trainer for Digital Marketing Academy and Shift ONE Digital. 

In this role, she serves as an avid trainer and facilitator for all things social media marketing related. Irma is passionate about training individuals and facilitating courses – from entry level right through to advanced level – on all platforms and across all industries.

Her courses are informative and with her sense of humour added into the mix while she presents, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs, marketing managers and executives have all attended Irma’s training sessions.

Irma believes that “if you are not having fun while you are doing it, then you are doing it wrong”, and this coupled with her years of experience across multiple industries and roles makes her a well-rounded and sought-after trainer and facilitator.

Irma started her career as a Branch Manager for a bank in Pretoria. With a keen focus on client satisfaction, project management and client service management, she later went on to hold top
positions at various companies including Client Service Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager and Project Coordinator.

Harnessing her skills in account leadership, Irma excelled at managing and coordinating client projects in terms of branding, marketing, advertising, design and marketing campaigns among other duties. Her experience over the years has increased her skills in business management operations, team building, creativity, problem solving, change management, labour relations and financial management. Her customer-centric way of doing business as well as her excellent communication skills puts her in great stead to build strong relationships with partners, suppliers and facilitators.

As a forward thinker, Irma noticed the rate at which social media was growing in the business world, and in 2015, she established her own social media marketing training and coaching business on a part-time basis. Using her own course curriculum and training material, she coaches and trains business owners across industries in South Africa in branding, online marketing and social media management.

Some of her clients include the international marketing teams of Karcher, Forever Resorts and Barlow Motor Retail among others.

Irma’s greatest strengths include her ability to adapt to change, customer relationships and stakeholder management across all levels. Her personal motto of “Make it Happen” is an example of how she lives her life daily. This together with her sense of humour makes her the ideal trainer and facilitator to inspire and bring out the best in each person she trains.

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