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Nicola Bernardo

is a Lecturer
& Course Developer at

Nicola Bernardo

Her many years of experience in the hospitality industry and love for education lead her to The Aleit Academy. 

This small-town girl originally from Malmesbury, took Cape Town by storm to follow her long-time dream of becoming a chef following a BTech in

Food and Beverage Management.

Although this mom of two is always up for a good time, she is a force to be reckoned with – she will keep you on your toes!

The Aleit Group is a multifaceted creative agency in South Africa, founded by Aleit Swanepoel in 2002. The company consists of various divisions, and collectively operates as a service based business within the hospitality industry in South Africa.
The business is dedicated to creating, planning and executing diverse creative projects – its primary focus being private and corporate event coordination and the by- products thereof.

The Aleit Group is one of the most established coordination companies in South Africa, and our work has been extensively featured in local and international print- and television media since its establishment. While The Aleit Group remains at the forefront of the events industry in South Africa, the brand has evolved and diversified into a global firm with an extensive offering.

With this comprehensive business approach, The Aleit Group now dominates the décor, catering, bar & staffing, venue management and entertainment arenas.

The breadth of the services available ensures that our clients are left gratified with tailored concepts and impressive results and that the highest standards are met – even to the finest detail.
It is The Aleit Group’s commitment to excellence and professionalism that has allowed
The Aleit Academy to establish a unique curriculum that fully equips the Event Professionals of tomorrow, through offering a comprehensive syllabus covering all aspects of
Event Management & Coordination.
Through the uncompromising pursuit of excellence, The Aleit Academy aims to keep adding to the new generation of highly skilled and capable event professionals. Accomplished without ever losing the essence of The Aleit Group philosophy.

The Aleit Academy offers a full-time Diploma course in Events Coordination and trains our students to become leaders in the hospitality field. We create and develop skills and knowledge on par with the best across the globe. The Aleit Academy has access to a wide spectrum of the best industry-leading experts. We ensure that each student gets individual attention and exposure to the best possible internship opportunities in the industry, including our very own Aleit Group product lines and sought-after industry friends.  

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