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Browse our FAQ's below -

if you have any more questions or queries,

feel free to give us a buzz.

1. How old is the Institute?


CLCL was established with other partners in 2017 leveraging on their long industry experience and deep knowledge to provide high quality training.


2. How many locations does CLCL have?


One location, Mauritius, with other offices planned over the next five  years. 


3. Is CLCL registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA)?

YES. CLCL is registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA)


4. What is the background and experience of CLCL trainers? 


All trainers have a proven track record in the topics they train in and all have gone through a rigorous selection process before joining CLCL. They are all approved by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA).


5. How much is the cost for one Course?


Please email us on for course details and costs .


6. What are the methods of payment?


Your fee(s) must be paid at the time you make your application whether you register by the telephone, online, or in person

Fees are payable to CLCL in the form of bank transfer or by cheque.


7. Where are the Trainers from?


Trainers of various nationalities and background work for CLCL to provide world-class training.


For more Information, please provide us with your contact information and we will request the Academic Director for the Course to call you.

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